Mission Statement

Bioplast Manufacturing, L.L.C. is as an industry leader in the manufacturing of plastic components used primarily for the medical research, clinical diagnostic and biotech environments. Our ultra-modern clean room facility is equipped with state of the art injection molding machines designed to guarantee reproducible and dependable products of the highest quality.

Our focus is to practice an accurate, innovative and reliable design and manufacture of plastic products for the scientific research community. We achieve this goal by conforming to all ISO 9001:2008 standards for production workflow, safety, and continual improvement practices within our facility.

Our continued partnership with biotech and academic institutions provides Bioplast manufacturing the ability to offer our clients a platform of products that is designed and tested by scientists for scientists. Bioplast Manufacturing will partner with distributors for standard and custom parts from low to high volume runs. Prototype parts are also welcome. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

About Bioplast Manufacturing

Bioplast Manufacturing, with our state-of-the-art molding facility, will provide you high volume injection molding runs combined with a fast turnaround time. Utilizing an All-Electric injection press platform, these machines produce a final product of exceptional precision and repeatability that the more common, and antiquated, hydraulic presses simply cannot compete with. Our entire platform offers exceptional energy efficiency by drawing power only as needed, allowing Bioplast to pass that savings onto you.

Bioplast wants to partner with you! Whether you require a medical product, an industrial product, or a commercial product, we have the team and the experience that you need. Molding is what we do: custom injection molding, over molding, core pulling, injection molding assemblies, as well as working with a wide range of resins: from engineering resins like ABS to nylon, from HDPE to PEEK.

Finally, allow our graphics team at Bioplast to work hand in hand with you, developing custom design packaging and labeling to suit your needs. Find comfort in the fact that we will provide your customers the highest quality finished product available. From perfect parts to custom packaging, we take great pride in delivering an exceptional product.